CSR Impact Assessment

CSR Impact Assessment

SoulAce conducts CSR Impact Assessment as a 3rd party for development and CSR projects/initiatives of corporates to understand and communicate to the relevant stakeholders the tangible and intangible changes in the lives of the communities where the projects were implemented. This helps to understand the overall outcome and impact of the project from the point of view of the beneficiaries.

SoulAce has conducted more than 60 different CSR Impact Assessment studies till date.

CSR Impact Assessment study is also done for prospective projects to be taken up by the companies to understand the potential changes a project might bring in the lives of the communities in a region. The Impact Assessment is thus focused to layout an action plan to mitigate damages if any to the community and environment in the region.

Social Impact Assessment includes the process of analyzing, monitoring, evaluating and managing social outcomes, both positive and negative, of planned and unplanned interventions by corporate, government or organizations.

The benefitsof conducting Impact Assessment are;

  • Helps build on local know how and utilizes participatory activities to analyze the concerns of interested and affected parties.
  • Involves all the stakeholders in the assessment, analyze the alternatives, and monitor the planned intervention.
  • Help understand the change in the lives of the beneficiaries of the project.
  • Help the funder in understanding the efficiency & effectiveness of the project and deploy the funding accordingly.
  • Help in understanding the benefits on the lives of indirect beneficiaries of the projects undertaken.
  • Help understand the Sustainability aspects of the projects being implemented.
  • Help build in a feedback system for any course correction needed.
  • Help in planning of future projects and also to exit projects which are not doing well.

SoulAce with its team of experts in various specialized fields conduct Impact Assessment studies to cover various issues touched by the CSR initiative of an organization. The report helps the company in planning for future projects where they can determine which project to exit and which project to scale up. Periodic assessments conducted for long term projects help the company in keeping track of the progress of the initiative and thus helps in better program management.