About Us

SoulAce is one of the leading research and advisory firm operating in the CSR & Development Sector space in the South Asia region working with Corporate, NGOs, Government and Funding agencies. SoulAce has established itself as a leader in the sector and is regularly invited at Conferences in South Asia and across the Globe to share its views on different social subjects. SoulAce is also regularly invited by mainstream media for its views and articles on CSR and Development Sector.

In the last 8.5 years SoulAce has extended its footprints to 4 South Asian countries in the region (India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka). SoulAce is in the process of expanding its operations to West & Central Africa in coming months.

SoulAce has a strong team of practicing professionals with varied background ranging from sociologists, development sector specialists, educationists, nutritionist, environmentalists, academicians, project managers, who together strive to provide innovative solutions for people at the bottom of the pyramid with focus on impact and sustainability.

Through its various programmes across research, advisory and implementation divisions, it has been able to successfully cover more than 10 Million people in the region. SoulAce works with partner organizations to create sustainable and impactful solutions in the lives of communities and stakeholders.

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