Social Perception

Social Perception

SoulAce undertakes Social Perception Surveys to help companies understand the perception of the stakeholders and the beneficiary communities in the region where the development or CSR projects have been taken up by the corporates.

CSR Social Perception surveys are important from the standpoint that the funding agency/corporate has been consistently spending through various projects (Healthcare, Education, Skill Development, WASH, women Empowerment, Environment, Rural Infrastructure etc.) in a particular region for 5 years or more and would like to know the feedback of the beneficiaries to help it understand the utility or futility of the projects undertaken. Social Perception surveys are an important tool to gauge the impact of the corporates intervention from the perspective of Public Relations, Communications and Marketing divisions of the companies. It aids in planning and decision making of future intervention vis-à-vis the stakeholders interests.

The key benefits of the Social Perception Study are to

  • Assess the effectiveness of the PR Initiatives of the organization
  • Understand potential Environment and Socio Economic Risks of company operations
  • Complete the feedback loop and help take corrective action
  • Recommend appropriate measures to enhance the public perception
  • Exit or continue some of the no impact project and take concrete measures to improve its image

Social Perception studies are led by Senior Professionals in a manner to gather perceptions and feedbacks from all the stakeholders of the Project. The collection of qualitative and quantitative data from primary and secondary sources helps to understand the socio-economic and environmental conditions of the community. It helps to identify the communities with disinterest and develop a stakeholder engagement plan for taking up balanced, impactful and sustainable projects. It also helps to map social risks and opportunities for the business and propose relevant strategies to address and leverage from it.