Baseline Survey/ Need Assessment Studies

We conduct Baseline Surveys to understand the on ground socio economic condition of the communities, the demography, the challenges and gaps in community services like healthcare, education, drinking water, sanitation, skills and livelihood etc. which help in benchmarking the current status and preparing an action plan for further development in the region.

The Need Assessment studies are focused on identifying prioritized needs on the ground after undertaking a diagnostic study of the survey region to conceptualize relevant CSR and Community projects which are impactful and sustainable.

Impact Assessment

We conduct impact assessment of development and CSR projects/initiatives to comprehend tangible and intangible changes in the lives of the communities where the projects were implemented. This helps to understand the overall outcome and impact of the project from the eyes of the beneficiaries.

We also undertake Impact Assessments to understand the potential changes a prospective project may bring in the lives of the communities in a region. The SIA is thus focused to layout an action plan to mitigate damages if any to the community and environment in the region.

Social Return on Investment (SROI)

We undertake Social Returns on investment (SROI) studies to comprehend the social returns of a community project vis a vis the financial investment on the project. This could be Evaluative SROI where the intent is to collect, collate and calculate the returns based on data and information pertaining to the change through the intervention.

In Forecast SROI we calculate potential results accruing from the envisaged project. During the survey our team interacts with stakeholders of the project and collects Qualitative and Quantitative data and information to compile the social returns of the investment planned.

Social Perception

We undertake Social Perception Surveys to understand the perception of the beneficiary communities in the region where the development or CSR projects have been taken up by the agencies. Social Perception studies are important from the perspective that the funding agency/corporate has been consistently spending through various projects in a particular region for years and would like to know the perception of the beneficiary communities and understand its brand image.

The Social Perception helps to complete the feedback loop and help take corrective action, exit or continue some of the no impact project and take concrete measures to improve its image.