Baseline Surveys / Need Assessment Studies

Baseline Surveys / Need Assessment Studies

SoulAce specializes in conducting CSR Baseline Surveys for socio economic studies and for planning community development projects. Baseline Surveys are an important aspect of CSR project planning and implementation. It not only helps the funding corporate rationalize on the need and importance of the project from the stakeholders viewpoint but also helps benchmark the critical indicators and parameters for the specific project to understand its progress.

CSR Baseline Surveys gives an opportunity to understand once stakeholders before engagement and thus helps in proper planning keeping in mind the interests and expectations of different stakeholders.

The key aspects covered in the baseline assessments is the profile of the location i.e village, block, district etc in terms of its demography, caste composition, religion profile, socio economic condition of the communities, the current status of community services like healthcare, education, drinking water, sanitation, skills and livelihood etc.

SoulAce also conducts CSR Need Assessment studies which are focused on identifying prioritized needs on the ground after undertaking a diagnostic study of the survey region to conceptualize relevant CSR and Community projects which are impactful and sustainable.

CSR Need Assessment help companies to align the priorities of the community in a particular area to the social interventions to be undertaken by the company or an organization. The most important aspect of any social intervention is the active community participation in formulation and implementation of social projects. Community ownership ensures the success of the project whereas any top down approach leads to failure and poor social perception of the organization.