CSR Project Monitoring Platform

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CSR Project Monitoring Platform

Based on the emerging needs to track information in convenient manner SoulAce has created a Web & Mobile CSR project monitoring Platform for Companies to track their Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives across multiple projects and geographies covering all thrust areas in a centralized platform.

The focus of this project monitoring platform is to empower the CSR department and Management with a Transparent, Convenient and Efficient CSR MIS software which goes beyond just recording information but this CSR software becomes one stop platform for tracking and accessing all the projects in real time basis.

SoulAce with a strong subject matter understanding across themes like Healthcare, Nutrition, Education, Water, Sanitation, Agriculture, Skill Development, Environment and experience of directly working with 1000+ grass-root level NGOs, understand the dynamics of challenges faced by the NGOs while entering data.

Benefits of the platform

  • Centralized MIS system for CSR initiatives.
  • Overall macro perspective & individual project level micro analysis.
  • CSR budget analysis by year, thrust area, geography.
  • CSR software access through web and mobile app.
  • Centralized impact stories, photos & video albums.
  • Download reports – Monthly, Annual, MCA format, Customized report.

If you are interested for a web demo/ presentation of this platform, please write to us: demo@soulace.in